Why choose a house call veterinarian over an animal hospital?

A common question is why to choose a house call veterinarian over an animal hospital?


Convenience– I drive to your home wherever in New York you live. There is never any waiting time for your pet’s examination.


Relaxation– Your pet can remain at ease in a relaxed state in the comfort of your own home rather than getting anxious or sick in the car, the waiting room or exam room.  Even if your pet never suffers from motion sickness, if he/she has an upset digestive system or dizziness or arthritis or any limb, neck or back injury-the motion of being in the car can worsen that malady.


Safety– You don’t have to worry about your pet being exposed to a contagious disease from another patient or contracting one of those superbug infections (MRSA) that you can get in any hospital. Everyone recuperates better at home if there is a doctor that comes to you and your pet.


Time-  You don’t ever have to be rushed. There is no 15-minute window where the examination needs to be finished. Each patient is given the time he or she needs to address every single problem. I will do a thorough examination and spend all of the time your pet deserves.


In-Home Laser Therapy– I travel with a mobile Class IV Laser machine, which is not widely available. This enables me to treat many injuries and illnesses without the need for anesthesia and surgery. Laser treatment speeds up healing and helps the body recuperate much faster.  Laser treatment can cure paralysis, inflammation, infection, itch and can treat arthritis. It works in the same manner acupuncture works without needles. It is an excellent way to treat bite wounds and abscesses.


Laboratory Services– I can take all samples or biopsies in the comfort of your own home and hand-deliver them directly to the laboratory (Antech Diagnostics located at LIJ Manhasset) for analysis. I can get many of the tests results within 20 minutes from delivery. I consult with specialists at no additional cost if there are any laboratory test abnormalities.


Cryosurgery– I can remove most benign skin growths, tumors, cysts, etc. without the need for anesthesia or conventional surgery simply by freezing. There is no bleeding because even the blood vessels get frozen.


Ultrasound examinations– I work with a board-certified internist with over 35 years experience, who I bring into your home to perform these specialized tests. The ultrasound examination is done immediately and the results are reported on the spot. With the guidance of the ultrasound machine, tissue sampling is much safer and more accurate.



Surgery– Many minor procedures can be done safely in the comfort of your own home. I use the assistance of a licensed veterinary technician and when sedation is needed, I follow the strictest protocol catered to the specific needs of your pet. When major surgery is needed, I will use the best-suited facility for your pet’s needs. The operating room is well-equipped with oxygen, safe gas anesthesia, pulseoximetry, blood-pressure monitoring, ECG monitoring, and a cushioned and warm-water surgical table. When the surgery is over, your pet can recuperate in the comfort of your own home.


Euthanasia– This is the hardest decision you have to make when your pet is suffering and there is no other way to end the pain. Euthanasia literally means “Kind Death.” What better way to go than in the comfort of your own bed,  in your own home, surrounded by your loved ones. I use an anesthetic injection first, which will allow your pet to gently fall asleep in your arms.


  1. Thank you!

  2. Hi Dr. Cohen.. I just wanted to say thank you. Blame it on the world we live in today, but it seems that a lot of Vets have lost touch with why they became a Vet in the first place. Many seem to have lost compassion for us as pet owners and the our beloved animals. Your compassion for what everyone is going through when out pets get sick is obvious. You can hear the compassion and caring in your voice and in the advice you provide. We can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful advice and support. I can’t wait to read the book. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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