Book Reviews


“Most of My Patients Wear Fur is a must read for every pet owner and animal lover.”

-Jeffrey Klausner, DVM, MS, DACVIM, President and CEO of the Animal Medical Center in New York City


“Most of My Patients Wear Fur is a very amusing, fun read. It is like a modern day James Herriott.”

-Jonathan Greenfield, D.V.M. and host of the Family Pet Show, News 12, Long Island


“Learn something new about the family pet by taking a look at veterinary health care through the compassionate eyes of Elizabette Cohen, D.V.M. As a twenty year veteran of treating and saving the lives of beloved companion animals and exotics, Dr. Cohen shares her best-of-the-best office visit stories that range from describing specific treatments to revealing some of her clients’ most unusual pet-related beliefs. Her anecdotes, including her city upbringing with animals, are informative and are also told in vivid detail with great humor which is sure to tickle every animal enthusiast’s funny bone. The book is chock full of pet medical knowledge and a few training tips, and is told in layman’s terms making it a fun and easy reference piece. Readers will experience all the important elements of a thorough physical examination while learning about the medical responsibilities of rearing a pet, including the importance of spay/neuter. Dr. Cohen’s humane philosophy and dedication to providing cutting-edge care for her four-legged patients and their guardians shines through. Most of My Patients Wear Fur will appeal to both seasoned pet owners and first-timers. Two paws up!”

-Alicyn Leigh, Pets columnist for the Long Island Press and National Pet Advocate


“Most of My Patients Wear Fur is very easy to read, informative and funny too!”

-Jude Lassow-Sunden, Director of Muffin’s Pet Connection, a non-profit pet service finding homes for unwanted pets and providing a low cost spay and neuter program in New York City


“Dr. Cohen’s book is not just for pet owners….when it was over I hungered for more.  I didn’t want it to end!  It made me laugh out loud and cry a little.  This book has so many great elements and Dr. Cohen takes the time to explain all that vet jargon so you can understand it all. It truly is a must read for everyone!  When you do read it, you too, will not want it to end!”

-Jo Ann  Cafiero, Northeast Regional Sales Manager of Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food

“Practicing veterinary medicine since 1988, Dr. Cohen has enjoyed many funny experiences with pets, which she’s collected in a new book, called Most of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet. This hilarious and touching look at pets and their owners is a terrific read and would make a surefire delight as a gift to anyone who loves pets.”