Is Pet Insurance Worthwhile?

This is a question that crosses the mind of most pet owners. Just look at what insurance companies have done with human medicine. Think about it. Insurance companies are a business for profit. Do they really care about your pet or are they more interested in denying as many claims as they possibly can? I do have clients that are happy they had insurance since their pet was a puppy or kitten and something catastrophic has happened like a serious car accident where the pet was hit and barely survived. There are other clients who are thankful they had insurance in place when a loose dog ran over and shook and bit their leashed dog. For these cases, it actually paid off, having insurance in place and knowing they would recoup back some of the costs; however, for others it was a waste of money. This decision has to come from you. Unlike human medicine, most veterinarians do not accept insurance payments so most pet owners have to hope that the claims submitted will be processed favorably. There is a lot of paperwork that the pet owners and veterinarians need to fill out. If most people opened a savings account and put away $100 per month in it, this account could be used as an insurance policy. If you never need the money, after many years, you will have enough saved to take your pet away on vacation. If something tragic does happen, you will have the funds to pay for the veterinary care needed. In either case, you won’t have the hassle of paperwork to fill out or endless phone calls to petition a rejected claim.


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